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of second-degree murder as alleged in the information. >> prosecutors say that there were too maybe inconsistencies in ward's statement by behavior witnessed in this jailhouse video. seen joking with his sister-in-law and daughter two years ago. ward is 63. he face as mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years. prosecutors say the dna evidence they used to convict american amanda knox of murder is rock solid. knox is appealing a 26-year prison sentence for murdering a fellow student. the defense contends that the police mishandled the dna evidence. in this country the fbi shelled out more than $2 million for information that leads to the capture of james "whitey" bulger. he and his girlfriend were arrested after alluding police for 16 years.
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the fbi says the reward money was paid to at least two tipsters. bulger and alleged boston mob boss is accused in 19 murders and pleaded not guilty to all counts. >> now that american hikers josh fattal and shane bauer are out of prison in iran, we hear their voices for the first time. >> we would like to thank oman for hosting us a and welcoming our families and the american ambassador and his wife for their hospitality. we hope some day to return tho this wonderful country but for now we're eager to get to home. >> they talked before boarding an airplane with destination of the united states of america. they've been in jail since 2009 charged and convicted of spying charges after crossing the iranian border from iraq.
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live pictures of the u.s. capitol in the nation's capital. congress isn't working even though lawmakers only have one week left to pass a new spending bill. if a deal isn't reached by the end of the business day on friday, some federal agencies will be forced to shut down. after the gop race for u.s. presidency in just over an hour they will be counting votes in a florida straw poll. michigan is holding a straw poll today. the outcome could be critical to candidates who lagged behind. our political reporter is in orlando, florida, two big gop straw polls in one day. let's start with florida. who showed up? >> reporter: today the main top tier candidates mitt romney and rick perry went to michigan for that other straw poll you referenced. candidates here today are those lesser known folks. herman cain. newt gingrich. jon huntsman's family came on
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their behalf because they're desperate for traction. straw polls are good to show that they are in the race. i have to tell you that herman cain's name has come up a lot here in wake of thursday night's presidential debate. a lot of people thought that rick perry stumbled and activists are deciding between romney and perry but cain's name comes up as offering common sense solutions is the phrase you hear from them. >> let's talk about the straw poll that will take place in michigan. how pivotal is that one? >> reporter: as i said, rick perry and mitt romney are in michigan up in mackinac island. a different kind of event. this event in florida is 3,500 republican activists up there in michigan it's more party insiders from around the country. i think that will be important to watch too. these are folks that pay really close attention to the race and they saw rick perry on his heels the other night when he was asked about hpv and illegal
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immigration and social security and education policy and so seeing how he finishes in the strong poll could be a test on whether people are sold on perry or whether they are looking elsewhere. >> interesting stuff. all right. thank you so much. i know you will keep us posted as those straw poll results at least for florida could come early this evening, right? >> reporter: that's right. we should be hearing results actually within the next hour. they are already voting right now. >> excellent. peter, thank you so much from orlando. the united nations security council has an unprecedented issue before it. yesterday the president of the palestinian authority formally asked for u.n. recognition of an independent palestinian state. israel's position that more peace talks are needed. in a gesture of optimism, the palestinians brought with them a
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chair colored u.n. blue with the word palestine printed on it. earlier i asked our senior state department producer why mahmoud abbas would go ahead with this request knowing that it might fail. >> the u.n. security council is meeting monday and palestinian officials do tell me that they expect a quick vote at the u.n. security council maybe not two weeks but in the near future and they think that they have enough votes -- you need a nine-vote majority in the council to put it to a vote. we know the u.s. will veto but they say u.s. vote be damned, we can't the council to make an action and then we'll decide on our next steps. >> the united states officially supports statehood for the palestinians but prefers it be completed through the peace process and direct talks with israel. the satellite that we've been tracking will finally fall to earth overnight.
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its re-entry was over the ocean. this video was taken in minnesota and thinks this was a piece of the satellite crashing to earth. johnny garcia from san antonio, texas, took this video thinking that that might be space junk as well. nasa says so far there are no reports of any injuries or property damage. good news there. the agency also doesn't know exactly where any of the pieces may have landed. you don't want to go away because bonnie schneider will be back. she's got more information on that space junk. riot control troops out in force in bahrain. i'll tell you the reason for the massive security presence and why they also clashed with protesters today. no one can forget his role as lieutenant dan in "forest
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gump." he supports the u.s. military and takes his band all over the world with uso. his reflections on the 131st airborne straight ahead. [ beeping ] ♪ hush, little baby ♪ don't you cry ♪ soon the sun ♪ is going to shine ♪ [ male announcer ] toyota presents the prius family. ♪ walk if i want, talk if i want ♪ [ male announcer ] there's the original one... the bigger one... the smaller one...
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i'm first! and that's by the water slide. okay. no running. oh, dear. save on all your rides. now, that's progressive. call or click today. election day in bahrain by the time polls close tonight more than 20 people have been arrested. protesters clashed with security forces and were out in large numbers. the election was to fill 18 parliament seats vacated when lawmakers pulled out to protest the government's strong response to demonstrations earlier in the year. other international news, ceo of ubs resigned today.
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the swiss bank lost $2.3 billion in a rogue trading scandal and in germany a man is in custody after he fired an air gun at guards working security for the pope's visit to germany. no one was hurt and police say the pope was never in danger. voters in russia go the polls in march to choose a president and the name likely on the ballot is a rather familiar one, that name being vladimir putin. former president two terms and he alongside current president are crafting a plan to keep themselves in power well into the next decade. apparently this has been a plan in the making for a long time. >> well, observers were thinking that this was the plan but now they know for sure. what happened is that putin
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served as president two terms from 2000 to 2008. and then because of term limits he couldn't run again. however, he could run for a third term if he waited. so what he did was he handpicked dmitry medvedev. there is a suggestion to run for president. he's going to run for a third term. in the meantime in the last four years, they amended the constitution to where they expanded the presidential terms to six years from four years so get this. if he wins these elections and wins another term, he can be in office for 24 years. >> he's a very confident man. we've seen a lot of putin. i mean that literally. we've seen a shirtless putin. we've seen him riding horses, et
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cetera. so he's kept himself in the spotlight. he's kept himself out there. here we are this opportunity with the world able to see a different kind of putin. poising himself for this race again? >> he's very popular. he's running on his personal popularity. people associate him as a strong leader to brought order and stability to russia. russia has benefited from high oil prices and gas prices. however, now with the global economy going down and oil prices and gas prices going down, they need to diversify their economy so observers say maybe they're going to modernize the economy because they need to. their popularity comes from economic success and growth so if they can't rely on high oil prices they need to do something about it. >> the general populous, do they like this idea? putin back possibly? >> it's very complicated question. he's very popular but again
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people have no alternative because he's instituted a managed democracy where the opposition is very limited so basically his party dominates everything and dominates tv coverage. very little alternate opinions and basically the party dominance observers say will secure his next term in office. >> what a strategy come to find out. >> yeah. >> his prime minister he suggested would be medvedev. the tandem continues. >> job security there. >> job swap. >> there you go. good to see you. thank you so much. >> good to see you too, fred. a research project allegedly exposes young kids to led poisoning. our legal guys will weigh in on that. a life changing operation turneden amputee into a self-sufficient woman. see the amazing things sheila is doing a year after her double hand transplant.
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or just a new word? maybe you want to know more about anatomy, or astronomy. you could master something new, or uncover a hidden talent. there's never been a better time to learn. can make it from australia to a u.s. lab to a patient in time for surgery may seem like a trumped-up hollywood premise. ♪ but if you take away the dramatic score... take away the dizzying 360-degree camera move, and take away the over-the-top stunt, you're still left with a pretty remarkable tale. but, okay, maybe keep the indulgent supermodel cameo... thank you. [ male announcer ] innovative medical solutions. fedex. solutions that matter.
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each week our chief medical correspondent sanjay gupta previews an extraordinary person. today he introduces us to the first woman to receive a double hand transplant. a year has passed since she got her new hand. dr. sanjay gupta reports on her amazing progress. >> imagine having to learn how to use someone else's hands as your own. >> how about this guy? pinch. pinch. >> that's a reality for sheila advento. the first woman in the united states to undergoing a double hand transplant. >> i remember being rushed to the hospital in the e.r. and that's it. >> her hands and feet were amputated eight years ago after she contracted a bacterial infection. >> they were so lifeless and so
1:16 pm
black. >> she got prosthetics for her hands and feet but the idea of a hand transplant was always on her mind. when the opportunity came from the university of pittsburgh medical center, she went for it. >> i'm amazed by my own progress. i had no expectations. >> it's been a year and she's hit several milestones. she can feel temperature and pain and various textures as a result of a lot of hard work. she undergoes six hours of physical therapy five days a week. >> for me to finally feel these things again, my hair, my face or even my jeans, that's something big for me. >> advento says her ultimate goal is to live as independent a life as possible. >> this is my first painting. >> she draws and paints and she drives. she puts on makeup. finds a way around her kitchen. even clips her nails. >> i'm not able to pinch the nail clipper. i was able to figure out how i
1:17 pm
would do it for myself. that was my other way of figuring out how to be independent. >> the last eight years have been difficult but advento says she has overcome so much for believing that it all happened for a reason. no matter how painful she tries to always be positive. >> i don't give myself much of a choice but to keep going despite whatever obstacles i encounter in my life. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. in addition to her physical therapy, she works one day every week. she hopes to be able to display her art work at a local gallery soon. we know athletes are driven to win. coming up, i'll talk to a star of the wnba tamika catchings with an extraordinary story. wait until you hear her incredible story about what led to this moment of greatness. he's an actor and activist. gary sinise does all he can to
1:18 pm
support military families while working on his hit television show. do you know what year he joined the csi new york cast? was it 2004, 2005, how about 2008? 2009. the answer straight ahead. i've been in your shoes. one day i'm on p of the world... the next i'm saying... i have this thing called psoriatic arthritis. i had some intense pain. it progressively got worse. my rheumatologist told me about enbrel. i'm surprised how quickly my symptoms have been managed. [ male announcer ] because enbrel suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if, while on enbrel, you experience
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we've been talking a lot this past week about satellite pieces falling top earth. we've since learned that overnight many of those pieces did come to earth. bonnie schneider in the weather center to tell us where they think they may have fallen. >> it's interesting. they're not quite sure. we may never know. we have a general idea of the possibility of where the satellite was orbiting and where the mid point of possibility is here in the north pacific in an altitude of 10 kilometers where we anticipate the entry point was. it's interesting to note 8 kilometers is when diss disintegration happened. a bit of debris continues -- you can see obviously it gets more as it comes down. remember that on average satellite -- one satellite re-entry occurs every day.
1:21 pm
these are smaller. it didn't get as much attention. it's not uncommon to see that. we did assume it would come out somewhere over water because 70% of the earth is water and that's exactly what happened. however, when you look at the map of the satellite, it's possible that it could have occurred anywhere here on this loop. pretty much as predicted. it slowed down at one point due to solar activity in terms of the rate at which it was falling yesterday but somewhere it disintegrated. what's also interested is with people who could have been out there in planes or on the ocean, nobody saw it. no visual confirmation. nobody was injured by it which a lot of people were concerned with even though the odds on that were slim. >> that's incredible. what was fascinating and we learned a lot in the past week. there we go. >> absolutely. >> that was our little adventure that we all shared. all right. thank you. there's a good chance that you watch the season premiere of "csi new york" perhaps.
1:22 pm
it focused on 9/11 ten years later. the episode was inspired by star gary sinise since 2004 he's been on this cbs hit show, "csi new york" and when not filming for the series, he's on the road with his lieutenant dan band. it's named for the character he played in "forest gump." that band performs at military bases all around the world and here at home in the u.s. i asked him about the troops and the family members that he meets all the time. >> he's families are resilient. they try to stay strong through these difficult times. we have, you know, consider the 101st airborne who last year lost a lot of soldiers in their deployment to afghanistan. if you consider a military base it would be like a small town and it is like a small town. you could have 60,000 people soldiers and family members on this particular base and if you
1:23 pm
have a base that loses 130 people killed in action and many more wounded throughout that year, that's a lot to ask of a small town. just use that comparison and you'll understand just how difficult it can be for some of these military families to get through. i've met extraordinary, extraordinary people that are staying strong through these difficult times knowing that people care is important. >> gary sinise set up a foundation and is also supporting the american veterans disabled for life memorial and you can learn all about them by going to my blog, my facebook or also on twitter. so is it worth trekking the family to the movie theater to see "dolphin tail" this weekend? a review straight ahead and overcoming adversity to achieve greatness. i'll be talking with wnba mvp
1:24 pm
and olympic gold medalist tamika catchings in a moment. what's behind her greatness? [ man ] natural gas vehicles are used somewhere... but not in my neighborhood. ♪ [ female announcer ] we're throwing away misperceptions about natural gas vehicles. more of the vehicles that fuel our lives use clean american natural gas today. it costs about 40 percent less than gasoline, so why aren't we using it even more? start a conversation about using more natural gas vehicles
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in your community.
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florida millionaire bob ward has been been convicted of the second-degree murder of his wife. her body was found in their mansion in 2009 and at the time ward repeatedly told a 911 operator that he had shot her. later he said his wife was trying to kill herself and the two struggled with a loaded gun. prosecutors say there were too many inconsistencies in ward's story. in florida, ballots for the state's gop presidential straw poll were handed out just a few moments ago in orlando. several republican candidates for president attended the event and we should have straw poll results in about an hour from now. we'll get those to you. diana nyad hopes the third time will be the charm. the endurance swimmer is back in the water headed to florida. she jumped into the surf in havana, cuba, last night and
1:28 pm
briefly got tangled up with a few jellyfish after being treated for stings she took off again. she's amazing. she could make it to florida by monday. health problems forced nyad to abandon an earlier attempt last month and made an unsuccessful attempt earlier. tamika catchings, talk about determined. she's been named the league's most valuable player of 2011. she's a forward for the indiana fever and probably one of the most determined players that you will ever meet. she's been in the wnba for ten years now. she's a force to reckon with. not only is tamika a world class player, she's also a two-time olympic gold medalist. no stopping her. she's done it all while overcoming a hearing impairment as well. tamika catchings is here with me
1:29 pm
right now. congratulations. mvp. >> thank you. >> how does that feel? has it sunk in yet? >> not really. we're in the middle of the eastern conference finals so i'm still kind of all caught up in that and then you get mvp announcement, okay, i don't want to put so much energy into being so excited that i lose my focus with what we're trying to accomplish. >> you're still in it to win it. >> always in it to win it. >> try not to be distracted. where did this come from in you? you wanted to be a professional ballplayer for a long time. you told me you were in seventh grade when you said this is it for me and it actually happened. you started playing ball in third grade. >> yeah. i was born with a hearing problem. i was born with a hearing problem and had to wear hearing aids and i always wanted to fit in. i remember countless days going to school and coming home crying because kids were making fun of me and telling my mom and dad i
1:30 pm
didn't want to go back. they brushed my tears off and pushed me back out there. the determination with that helped me with basketball. >> you made an effort where you said to yourself, okay, i have this impairment, but i'm not going to allow it to stop me. i'm not going to allow it to handicap me. you found this love in basketball and said, you know what, i'm going to be the best at it. >> definitely. i think i was so passionate and one of the things and i always tell the kids i talk to, find something that you're passionate about. sports was my thing. i started with soccer. went from soccer, basketball, volleyball, ran track and field. we did everything. basketball was the one thing that stood out at the end. it was something for me that i knew okay you can make money of me for looking different and for being different but when we get on the basketball court, i'm going to work my tail off to be better than you. that was it. >> did i read it correctly that you have said that in the end this has become the gift.
1:31 pm
this has become that thing that made you want to be head and shoulders above everybody else. >> definitely. i think god blessed me with the talent to be on this platform that i'm on and i started a catch a star foundation in 2004 that allowed me to use the platform i am on to reach out to boys and girls. there's so many people in my life that helped me. teammates, coaches, friends, other family members. i want to be an example for these other kids. >> you're 32 years old. you look 22. you've been in the league now for ten years. you are considered a veteran but how is your body feeling and how is your body keeping up with that fortitude that you've got? >> i feel good. i really do. i feel good. one of the things that i try to
1:32 pm
do -- everybody is like how do you keep motivating and stay passionate and in the off-season i do play overseas but one of the things i always try to do is find something different that i like whether it's swimming -- last year i did a mixture of all of the martial art and it was a lot of fun just being out there and learning how to fight. never been in a fight in my life. >> is it dangerous to cross train like that to try to go into unfamiliar territory athletically? do you worry about that impairing your game? >> not really. my instructor was really good at kind of correlating everything to what it means to basketball and being stable corewise and doing things like kicking and boxing people don't realize a lot of it takes stomach strength and even for basketball. if your core is not strong, you get knocked around easily. i'm determined not -- >> nobody is going to knock you
1:33 pm
over. >> they can try. it's happened the last couple of rounds it's happened. >> fantastic. all of the best for you. congratulations. mvp. i know that feels incredible. your family has to be incredibly excited for you too. >> i got so many messages and text messages and my mom is on the verge of crying every time she talks to me. it's definitely a blessing. >> and indiana fever up against who next? >> atlanta dream tomorrow 3:00 p.m. here we are. >> that's going to be tough. you want to root for atlanta but meeting you and your extraordinary story, we're rooting for you too. fantastic. nice to meet you, tamika. all of the best. congrats again. you like the movies? like going to the movies when you get a chance? you may want to stick around. movie reviews. you heard about "moneyball" with brad pitt. our movie guy will tell us
1:34 pm
whether it scores. it's not going to score as high as you usually score on the court. we'll see if it's worth your buck or two at the theater. >> i'm just saying you can't start paying you first. >> well, i am starting him at first. >> i don't think so. >> he plays for detroit now. >> you traded pena? >> we're going to shake things up. ♪ this is t kind ruck that has it all.
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♪ gue thameans youan dit all. it's thevseason of doing now combine the all-star editn discount with oer offers for a tal value of $6,000. or quifieduys can get 0% apr for 60 mont plus $1,000 llan ll sileradmols. get to your evy aler and ghat truck today what's vanishing deductible all about ? guys, it's demonstration time. let's blow carl's mind. okay, let's say i'm your insurance deductible. every year you don't have an accident, $100 vanishes. the next year, another $100. where am i going, carl ? the next year... that was weird. but awesome ! ♪ nationwide is on your side
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it's all about sports and animals this weekend. are "moneyball" and "dolphin tale" worth your money bucks? we're joined now from los angeles. good to see you, matt. let's begin with "moneyball" and people are talking brad pitt going crazy over this movie and there's even oscar buzz. >> i think we'll see a nomination out of it. it's a fantastic movie. i really enjoyed it. >> let's take a quick peek at "moneyball." >> billy says he needs $225,000 for ricardo. please. yes. i added the please at the end.
1:38 pm
okay. hold on one second, please. >> tell him i'll pay for him when i sell him back for twice next year i keep the money. >> also robin wright is in this flick. did you like it? >> i really liked it. this is a story about billy bean who was the manager of the oakland a's and managed to make a competitive team with a tenth of the budget as teams like say the new york yankees or the boston red sox using a different method basically they study different statistics and really it's the stat geeks that have taken over baseball. it takes something that would be a really dry subject and turned it into something really, really interesting and really gripping and the movie is great. it's really fun. the script has been co-written by aaron sorkin. if you want to be surprised about how they made a movie out of facebook, this is kind of
1:39 pm
like that for baseball statistics. it's a really fun movie. i really enjoyed it. one of the best things i've seen all year. >> will this pull at the heartstrings in any way too? >> a little bit. a little bit. you see this underdog team do some really good work. you get -- you have a good time even if you're not a baseball fan you're going to enjoy this. >> is this the quirky brad pitt? sometimes you see that in some of the roles he plays where it's a different kind of guy than the more dramatic or romantic brad pitt. >> right. right. you know, you definitely see him turn on the charm. you see a bit of vulnerability. as he gets older he started to make me think in this movie of robert redford. i'm sure he's happy to hear that. he's really great in this. i really enjoyed watching him. some of the other critics at the theaters i was at he just gets better and better looking. >> if sports is not your thing, maybe you like the animal story.
1:40 pm
something tells me this might be a little bit tear jerker because all movies with animals -- i didn't ask you a grade. real quick? >> that's okay. we gave it an a. >> of course. very good. all right. back to "dolphin tale." whenever there's a movie with animals it means you're going to cry. are you going to like this one? >> i liked this one not as much as i like "moneyball" but it's a sweet story. it's based on a true story of a dolphin that lost a tail. you might remember this story about a dolphin that lost its tail and people get together to try to save it. >> morgan freeman, ashley judd. let's look. >> well, i've got vacation time coming up. but i'm not making any promises. >> dr. mccarthy. >> it means she likes you.
1:41 pm
>> imagine my delight. >> cute. okay. you already said you prefaced is you don't like it as much as "moneyball" but you did like it. >> it's an old fashioned family movie like we might have got out of disney in the late '60s or early '70s. it's a really fascinating true story of people coming together to save this dolphin named winter. you can still see on the web actually in florida at clearwater and they saved this dolphin by giving it a prosthetic tail. the movie starts to fall prey to the standard hollywood cliche. you get silly dialogue and little side track plot lines that really don't put anything to the main story. >> your grade? >> my grade is a c. it's worth taking the kids to. you won't mind sitting through it. >> nice. okay. we're going to also share with
1:42 pm
people, matt, your grades. your reviews on some dvds that will be out as well. we'll share them with folks right after this. matt, thanks so much. good to see you. we're talking about "bridesmaids" coming out on dvd on tuesday and others including conan o'brien can't stop and "auth "thor." look at that right there. you know that had to be elizabeth taylor's jewel right there. her collection touring the world and then guess what? start counting your bucks. it's going up for auction. we'll give you a quick peek at those jewels right after this. sd for their clients' futures. never taking a bailout. helping generations achieve dreams. buy homes. put their kids through college. retire how they want to. ameriprise. the strength of america's
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largest financial planning company. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you, one-to-one. together, for your future. ♪ what's vanishing deductible all about ? guys, it's demonstration time. let's blow carl's mind. okay, let's say i'm your insurance deductible. every year you don't have an accident, $100 vanishes. the next year, another $100. where am i going, carl ? the next year... that was weird. but awesome ! ♪ nationwide is on your side i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing.
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we promised you some dvds that will be out and how did matt grade them? all of them he gave them bs. all of those bs. sounds like you may want to rent them or get them. all right. much more in the news straight ahead with don lemon. he's a tough grader. >> there's a bunch of stuff i want to see at the box office. "dolphin tale" ." >> he liked that.
1:46 pm
>> i forgot about it earlier in the spring, i'm watching "warrior." i knew it but i forgot. >> we have all of these stars around here. you movie stars here. >> you're a star. i saw you last night. nice work. speaking of washington, speaking of washington, president obama is addressing the congressional black caucus tonight. you've been reporting on it. i have big interviews. representative sheila jackson lee from texas coming up next hour and we'll talk to the chairman of the caucus, representative emmanuel cleaver. he's been very, very vocal about what he calls a jobs crisis for african-americans and he wants urgency from the white house in dealing with that problem. it will be very interesting to see what they have to say about it. they are outspoken all the time and so i'm going to press them on what do you want to hear from the president tonight and what can you say to sort of satisfy you? also, can you believe this, it's been two years. conrad murray trial starts next week in los angeles. the jury has been seated. it was seated yesterday.
1:47 pm
we'll have details of who they are and we'll talk to holly hughes, the former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. i'll be in l.a. all next week covering that trial and again as i said, i can't believe it's been so long. the interesting thing if you hear from family members, most of them believe that he has some cu culpability if not all of it. the family will be at the trial as they were with every other trial michael jackson was involved with and talking to people around him who said he was under so much appreciapress. >> this will be different. the jury is not sequestered. we know how mat eticulously the tried to select the jury. this will be an interesting thing. many folks have already predicted that this will be kind of a circus like you have seen in a lot of big high profile cases. i don't know. something tells me the tone will
1:48 pm
be different here. >> i think you're right. according to holly hughes, they are experienced jurors. some think it will be a spectacle like casey anthony. she's saying this jury is more savvy than that. >> look forward to your reporting on that. thanks so much. you don't like cats do you? he doesn't like dogs. >> i do like dogs. >> no, you don't. >> i love them. i just want to live with them. they're harder to take care of kids. i rather have a kid than a dog. >> cats? >> cats are easy. >> they're independent. >> yes. >> they are territorial. some people don't think they always take kindly to others. i dispute that. find out how some owners figured out how their cat would react to another cat. long live cats and dogs. we'll have more after the break. but first, cnn reporters, anchors, producers, cover
1:49 pm
stories all over the world and we get tips on best restaurants, hotels, travel spots. i know you have a few favorites there. in this week's travel insider we're off to san francisco. i love that city. >> i'm dan simon in san francisco. one of my favorite places in the city is here. downtown at the historic ferry building. i love coming out here on a nice day and checking out the views. for more than 100 years, this place has been used to ferry people to different communities across the san francisco bay. but now the ferry building is used for all kinds of different things. >> 33. >> inside the major theme is food. high end gourmet food from fruits and vegetables to caviar to olive oil to cheeses, it's a foodies paradise in here.
1:50 pm
i think i like it outside even better. a few days a week they have a farmer's market and this is the freshest stuff you can possibly imagine. i like to grab a sandwich and sit down at the picnic table and have lunch. that's the ferry building. restaurants. shops. good people watching. i think it's one of the best places san francisco has to offer.
1:51 pm
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elizabeth taylor was not short on glamour. she didn't make apologies for her love of diamonds and jewels. if you're like me and have a little bit of jewelry envy, you have a chance to actually buy some of it. that part is not going to be like me. i won't be able to buy it. a sneak peek at the liz taylor jewelry collection as it makes the tour stop in london. >> that's a big one.
1:54 pm
>> it's called the elizabeth taylor diamond worth millions of dollars, all 33 karats on display at an auction house in london. >> she called it her baby. she used it on set. off set. at home. in bed. >> jonathan, deputy chairman of christi's america says the diamond is part of a rare glimpse into the treasure-trove of one of the greatest film stars of all time. >> elizabeth taylor is to diamonds -- >> her collection estimated to be worth over $35 million. >> we're known for being quite conservative with our estimates and the enthusiasm of the private collectors who have been in to see things gives us a good indication that it will be a popular sale. >> and that includes the emerald
1:55 pm
suite. >> they are mouth watering. they look like you could eat them. >> richard burton bought the jewels for elizabeth taylor in rome while she filmed "cleopatra." >> a gift from richard burton was i introduced her to beer. she introduced me to vulgarity. >> it's also a selection of art. >> she never had a stylist. she never borrowed a jewel in her life. she put her money with her mouth was. she was a star. >> a star whose collection is center stage. >> this is a global tour. london, los angeles, dubai and hong kong are just some of the stops until the exhibit's final destination, new york city where it will be on the auction block for all her treasures. >> are diamonds really a girl's best friend? >> no. >> what is?
1:56 pm
>> some of the people who will benefit from the exhibit are those with hiv/aids, a portion of the ticket sales will go to the elizabeth taylor aids foundation. she was, after all, also someone who put her stardom and her name behind a good cause. >> all right. bonnie back with me now. one last very fun viral. >> this is a really popular one. >> out of the kitty world. don, pay attention. >> okay. all right. >> he loves cats. he really does. >> which one is going to win? . real one or the faux kitty? what's it going to be? that was a quick strike. >> there's your sweet cat. there's your sweet little house cat. >> sweet kitty.
1:57 pm
>> it might have been okay with another cat but something was kind of peculiar about this balloon cat. there you go. that's one way to end this hour. bonnie, thanks so much. we're not going to strike at you though, don. much more of the newsroom straight ahead. he's a mild little pussy cat. all right. have a good one. >> bye. ♪ girl started blowing up their credit score ♪ ♪ she bought a pizza party for her whole dorm floor ♪ ♪ hundred pounds of makeup at the makeup store ♪ ♪ and a ticket down to spring break in mexico ♪ ♪ but her folks didn't know 'cause her folks didn't go ♪ ♪ to free-credit-score-dot-com hard times for daddy and mom. ♪ offer applies with enrollment in™.
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